Algora Clinical Trial Management System

Together with other services Algora offers remote data entry by use of the Algora Clinical Trial Management (ACTM) System

The software is designed as a set of .NET based smart client applications and can be used in paper-based studies, site based data entry or any combination with single or double data entry.

The program supports the re-use of standard data entry modules for a fast set-up of the trial database. 

Main applications are:

  • DS - Database Setup: program for defining database and eCRF
  • DC - Data Capture: program for (remote) data input with instructions and edit checks directly at data entry
  • DM - Data Management: datamanagement functions and query-handling

Data export to csv-tables allows further data processing with any statistical package as SAS or R.

With no extra licence costs when integrted into other services the program will be notably interesting for studies in an academic environment (IITs).


Benefit from modern .NET based solutions:

- Smart clients

- Easy to install

- Flexible to use

- Low costs